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More Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Information

More Pet Sitting Information
The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
- Leonardo Da Vinci -

Little Characters Pet Sitting is a pet sitting service, where one of our professional pet sitters will come to your home to assist you with the duties of caring for your dogs, cats and other pets. We offer the following in-home pet care services:

  • Daily Dog Walking
  • Vacation Pet Sitting/Dog Walking
  • Walking/Sitting while you're at home
  • Pet medication administration
  • Home sitting
  • Home security watch

Dog walking deals specifically with a morning, midday or evening break for your dog. We can do the potty break or letting your pooch out into the yard for bladder/colon relief or the regular dog walk, which exercises your dog and also allows for bladder/colon relief.

Walking/Sitting while you're at home calls for any assistance you need with your pets while you are at home. Each client's needs are different, but we customize our services to each client's needs.

Vacation pet sitting calls for the feeding, walking and keeping your pets company while you're away on vacation. We can set up as many daily visits as you need to keep your pets feeling right at home.

Pet medication administration if you are not comfortable administering medicine to your pet or if your are not home when pet meds need to be administered, we can do this for you..reliably of course.

Home sitting involves a sitter staying at your home overnight to accompany your pets in the evenings while you are away. A house sit includes an evening and morning feeding/walking of your pets. The sitter typically arrives by 8:00 PM and will leave by 7:00 AM.

Home security watch is where one of our specially trained technicians will pass by your home to make check-ups on it while you are away. Your mail can be brought in, newspapers picked up, lights adjusted, and general overall property inspections performed. This is a great service to rely upon if you vacation at length away from home. It gives you peace of mind that your home is being looked after while you are absent.

Refer to our Services and Rates page for pricing information.

If you have ANY questions, please go to CONTACT US and send us your questions.

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